The SMS Group, always with the philosophy of obtaining the lowest operational costs to its clients, has rendered services to Governments, Industry, Energy, Oil, Gas, Telecommunications and Trading Clients in the following areas:


In this area SMS develops project financing structures that best suit the conditions of each project and of the country where it will be implemented, and selects the financing agents, investor and Banks to participate of the funding effort. SMS organizes the Project Finance structurally, including the constitution and administration of the SPC ‐ specific purpose companies, the issuing and placement of debentures, bonds or notes, also selecting, if necessary, the Equity Holders for the project, as well as suitable investors. All these activities are performed with the use of the facilities made available by EWI – Europäisches Wirtschaftinstitut International.

The operation guaranteeing securities offer to an exclusive group of pre‐chosen investors (in a private placement operation within EWI sphere) warrants lower launching and financing costs for the project owner and optimise, for the investor, the capital return in safer basis.



SMS, through with EWI and other companies to it associated, maintains high level contacts with the most important insurance companies in the world. Thus, in a quick way, it can structure complex insurance and re‐insurance operation against a great variety of risks. Among these are “Performance Bonds”, Credit Insurance, Insurance against Export Risks, Sovereignty Risks, Political Risks, Contractual Obligations Guarantees, Operational Risks, etc. Again, the advantage SMS offers is the possibility of getting the best insurance premiums for the insured without, however, giving up the policy’s comprehensiveness and simplicity.


With its permanent contact with the main Securities Companies and private and institutional Investment Funds, SMS is able to offer total support for the organization and preparation of companies that aim to have their capital commercialized in the main Stock Exchange Institutions in the world.



On the instructions of sovereign state ministeries & respected clients, SMS Oil & Gas Limited are now in exclusive negotiations for trading substantial oil & mineral contracts including:-



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