Community – Policy & Aims

We are committed to ensuring that our developments are a positive influence on the local communities in which we work.  We will provide significant direct and indirect employment opportunities and rely on these communities for our local recruitment needs.  In addition, many of our suppliers will reside locally and sensitive and progressive community management can positively enhance our reputation in the marketplace.

Positive ongoing interaction has benefits for both our business and the communities in which we operate.  When we plan developments that could potentially impact the community, we will take their needs and concerns into consideration and, in return, will rely on their support for our projects.

Our policy is to encourage our directors and managers to plan and oversee their own local programmes.  Although we encourage contributions to all community causes as company policy, we generally feel it is most appropriate to direct the bulk of our contributions towards local charities and youth causes.   We will also help where there is a need for our resources, facilities or man-hours and provide these, in many cases, free of charge.

We recognise that site operations can be a sensitive issue for our local communities and we seek to take into account the impact of our proposals on them.  Clear and open communication between us and the surrounding community is undertaken prior to, and during, any major development.

We will direct our community initiatives towards the following areas:


  • Education

  • Arts & Sports Sponsorship

  • Land & local partnerships

  • Civic organisations

  • Use of facilities